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    What would be an easy way to grab the first 50 or so words from a description field in SQL serve using VBScript?<BR><BR>I had though about looping through the description field&#039;s text and looking for spaces, but there must be a better way? It doesn&#039;t need to be exact, either... I just want to display a short summary (the first 50 words or so) and then have a more... link after the text... simple enough, but just want to do it the most efficient way. Any ideas?<BR>~~Chaotix

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    Instead of going for exactly 50 words you could just pick an approximate number of characters and then search for the next space after that.<BR><BR> somestring = Mid(description, 1, instr(250,description," "))<BR><BR>Not perfect but may do the trick. ; )

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