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    Is it possible to change the default text size of drop down box items and if so, how.<BR>Also, how can I reduce the vertical gap between stacked combo boxes.<BR>Thanks

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    Default Use of Style Sheets

    If you really want to go there -- browser support is dubious at best -- you can add a CSS class to the &#060;select&#062; object and to every &#060;option&#062; within it to maybe alter the drop-down font.<BR><BR>You can do pixel-level positioning (also using CSS) by placing each form element in a seperately identified (and style-positioned) &#060;div&#062; tag.<BR><BR>More on CSS at http://www.builder.com/Authoring/CSS/table.html<BR><BR>Of course, this all goes straight to hell when a user wanders in with Netscape or MSIE 3.x...

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