IIS 5.0 Keeps crapping out on me.

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Thread: IIS 5.0 Keeps crapping out on me.

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    Default IIS 5.0 Keeps crapping out on me.

    I just posted this in IIS forum but then looked at the date of last post and realized there isnt much traffic on that forum so I am going to post this here. <BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/iispws.asp?M=611798&T=611798&F=30&P=1<BR><BR> I have Win2k Pro with IIS 5.0 installed. Everything was running good until recently. I attempted to access my homepage but got a 401 error. I also tried to access the default docs http://localhost/ , I also got a 401. I restarted the default web site, I also restarted IIS, Rebooted the machine. None of this worked so I reinstalled IIS. I got it to work for a few days and now I have the same thing. It shows that IIS and default website is running but I cant access the pages. There are two things that may be suspect: <BR>1. On the same day as the initial error, a DVD burner was installed with the software that came with it. <BR>2. The LAN manager ran their quarterly security vulnerability check on this machine and found a "high" vulnerability (Indexing Service was running so I stopped it(after the error began). I asked the LAN mgr if they ran some kind of script that disabled IIS but they said no. Other than the site access logging, does IIS create any log files on itself? Any ideas???

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    Default RE: IIS 5.0 Keeps crapping out on me.

    You&#039;ve got a permissions error. Check this page:<BR>http://www.argis.net/ErrorCodes/<BR><BR>you didn&#039;t say what 401 error (401.1 - 401.5). Set your permissions to allow everybody (including anonymous user) then keep adding restrictions until you&#039;ve got it right.<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR>greg

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