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    I have two pages (page1.asp and page2.asp) that both contain IFRAMES (page1iframe.asp and page2iframe.asp).<BR><BR>I would like to submit the data within page1iframe.asp to page2.asp to be used within the page2iframe.asp. In the src for the iframe in page2.asp, I then use the data that is passed to the page2.asp to create a querystring for the page2iframe.asp.<BR><BR>Is that the only way to accomplish getting data from one iframe to the other where the iframes are on two different pages?<BR>

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    Default Here's what I would do

    This syntax will help get you started:<BR><BR><BR><BR>I would create a blank div tag on your two pages with iframes. Then, dynamically create the form elements you want to pass and plug them into the div.innerHTML of the page you want to submit and then submit it. This removes the need to posting page1 to page2. You just trigger the post of page2 from page1 in javascript. But, before posting, dynamically create the hidden form elements onto the div.innerHTML of page2.

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