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    I&#039;m trying to get all of the totals for each DISTINCT entry in the DebtorDemographics DB. So far I&#039;m only getting one entry.<BR><BR>Example: In DebtorDemographics table there are 10 different clients but only the first one is getting entered in DebtorDemographicsTotal.<BR><BR>declare @distinctClient char(6)<BR>select distinct @distinctClient = client <BR>from debtordemographics<BR><BR>declare @totCount int<BR>select @totCount = count(*) <BR>from debtordemographics <BR>where client = @distinctClient<BR><BR>insert into debtordemographicstotal (ClientNumber, TotalCount)<BR> VALUES (@distinctClient, @totCount)<BR><BR>This will run in a scheduled stored procedure.<BR><BR>-Any help is appreciated

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    INSERT INTO debtordemographicstotal (ClientNumber, TotalCount)<BR>SELECT ClientNumber, COUNT(*) FROM debtordemographics<BR>GROUP BY ClientNumer

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