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    Looks like I posted right before the day&#039;s posts were deleted, so I&#039;ll post my question again:<BR><BR>I saw your entry in the FAQs on creating a delay, but the code provided doesn&#039;t work for some reason... the error says the server was expecting something along the lines of SELECT, INSERT, etc. Also, when I go to the link provided, IE almost crashes because the delay incorporated into the page is so excessive (and causes this really weird scrolling blue screen). <BR><BR>Anyway, is there some sort of simple VBScript I can use to create a slight delay before redirecting my users (so that I can deliver them a text message telling them they&#039;ve logged on)?

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    Default Posts are *NEVER* deleted

    This forum contains all posts since it was started in 1998 or 1999.<BR><BR>You can use SEARCH to find any post you want. You can see yesterday&#039;s post by click on "See posts from 7/19/2003 to 7/19/2003" ad the top of this main panel. Look for it.<BR><BR>And the answer to your question is NO! NEVER NEVER DO THAT!<BR><BR>If you need a delay, do it in the browser. Use setTimeout() to create the delaty.<BR><BR>

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