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    I am trying to incorporate barcodes into my ASP application. I want to be able to print a barcode off for a product that goes down an assembly line. At each station I want the operator to be able to scan the paper with the barcode and have it register the infomation scanned on a web page. Has anyone had an experience in doing this or know of any resources that might help. <BR><BR>I guess I am looking for software to print the barcode and software to read the barcode into the web page. Any advise on what kind of barcode readers are best would also be helpful.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Gary Skogen<BR>

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    Default I wouldn't use web pages

    This does *not* sound like a job for a browser-based system.<BR><BR>In order to do it via a browser, you&#039;d have to have an ActiveX component that can read the barcode (though I have heard there are some bar code readers that can "pretend" they are keyboards and just send the scanned code to the computer as keystrokes, I suppose if you bought such scanners...).<BR><BR>And how many printers are there? One per station? One for the group of stations?<BR><BR>If one per station, then you *certainly* don&#039;t want to use the browser to do the printing, becuz it will insist on putting a page number and URL on each page. For sure you would want a custom ActiveX component to do this!<BR><BR>And if there just one, on the server, for the group, then you&#039;d still need a server-side ActiveX component to do the printing for you.<BR><BR>Building all these ActiveX components is going to be clumsier and harder to debug than just building (for example) VB.NET (or VB version 6) program(s) to do the work.<BR><BR>

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