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    i want to implement a message board in Asp.<BR>i need guidelines. Can someone help me on this.<BR><BR>i dont want code i want the logic + kind of tutorial guiding me on that

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    Default Well, for the DB design...

    ...look at this sub-thread:<BR><BR><BR>Look especially at my "part two" answer. That shows one of the ways recommended by *many* people at to build a "threaded forum" database.<BR><BR>It should be 10 times faster than this forum, for example.<BR><BR>The most important thing is to get the DB design right. After that, the HTML/ASP pages needed to display and enter info almost fall right out of the DB design.<BR><BR>My own design was:<BR><BR>Messages<BR> msgID : primary key<BR> msgText : long text field<BR><BR>MessageHeaders<BR> msgID : foreign key to Messages table<BR> threadID : foreign key to Threads table<BR> replyTo : id of msg this one is a reply to<BR> path : see that thread I recommended<BR> userID : foreign key to users table, id&#039;s the poster<BR> when : date/time posted<BR><BR>Threads <BR> threadID : pk, but also fk to messages and messageHeaders table!<BR> basically, this is simply the msgID of the first msg in thread<BR> lastPost : date/time of last post made in this thread<BR><BR>Users<BR> userID : pk<BR> userName <BR> ... etc. ...<BR><BR>***********<BR><BR>By storing the message in the Messages table *first*, that gives me the PK that I can then use to create the MessageHeaders record, including the Path, and to update the Threads table as needed.<BR><BR>

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