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    Has anyone done any ASP routines to perform a search using zip codes? I have a database with specific name, address and zip code information for dealers and distributors for a specific product. I need to create an ASP routine to perform searches using zip codes and ruotines to searhc thru this database using stuff like zip codes within 10 mile radius, 30 mile radius etc..<BR>How do I go about doing this? Any ideas!!!

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    Default logitude and latitude

    Because Zip Codes aren&#039t assigned all that logically, you need a database that matches them up to longitude and latitude values. I doubt you have this information in your database, in which case you need to look somewhere like: http://www.zipcodedatabases<BR><BR>I&#039ve never used this service but I heard that it comes with a ton of documentation (including ASP) for integrating it into your own system.

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    I used to work for - they do all sorts of products which might help.

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