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    jipe Guest

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    Anyone has an idea how to call asp from html, and keep the path hidden??<BR><BR>-jipe

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    Do you mean hide the path or hide the variables you&#039re passing?<BR><BR>If you mean variables, there&#039s no way to hide querystring variables ("page.asp?abc=123") but if it&#039s essential to hide the data, you can pass it as hidden form field variables ("&#060;input type=hidden name=abc value=123&#062;")<BR><BR>If you mean hiding the locaion of the ASP file, I don&#039t know a way to do that, but I&#039m also curious why you would want/need to....

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    jipe Guest

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    This is what I mean...<BR><BR>I have a script, which I want to give to clients with my permission. Ok, if all my clients were using NT servers, this wouldn&#039t be a problem. But some are using Unix, so the script must be called from html page. THere is a javascript trick to this, but in the html code you can see the path of the asp. <BR><BR>Ok, I&#039ve tried to do the following: in the asp page I tried to check the value of the HTTP_REFERER to find out where the script is being called, but it returns nothing. <BR><BR>SO IS THERE A WAY to check from what domain the script is being called. HTTP_REFERER doesn&#039t have a value unless you have the .asp in a link. But my asp is called automatically using Javascript...I want to protect the script from being called from unauthorized domains...<BR><BR>but thanks for your previous reply...<BR><BR>- jipe

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