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    Linda Guest

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    Hi<BR>im trying to buffer output inan asp script<BR><BR>The output is going into a table format<BR>but browsers do not seem to display the table until a &#060;/table&#062;<BR><BR>In effect the buffering is not working with tables<BR><BR>im using<BR>response.Buffer = true<BR>and<BR>response.flush<BR>the output is coming through to the browser but ts still looking like its hung until the huge recordset is finished<BR><BR>thanks for your help<BR>Linda<BR>

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    Unfortunately, that&#039s just a browser thing. I don&#039t think IE has that problem, just Netscape.<BR><BR>The workaround is to break your data up into many small tables. You should still use Response.Buffer = True with Response.Flush after each smaller table creation.<BR><BR>Also, you may want to present pagable data rather than just one huge page of data. To see an article on how to page data using SQL Server and stored procedures, read:<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/062899-1.shtml<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Rupert Guest

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    This is due to the fact that the browser doesn&#039t know how wide the table will be until the table is finished, for instance your first 100 rows could each have 1 character in each cell, and then your final row could have 20 characters in each cell and hence the whole table would need to be a lot wider to cope with the final row. (hope you understand!)

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    Linda Guest

    Default Thanks Scott

    Thanks Scott<BR>I have tried making many small tables but the formating gets all out of shape<BR><BR>

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