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    I&#039;m using CDOSYS to send email from an ASP page to a remote domain. I&#039;m using IIS 5.1 and the SMTP virtual server. 2 questions:<BR><BR>1. The mail is being sent, but sometimes there is a long delay (up to 5 minutes) before it is received. <BR><BR>2. The mail stays in the mailroot/queue folder even after it has been sent. I&#039;ve gotten a lot of error messages about emails being undeliverable to some of the recipients, but others are receiving them. Does the mail stay in the queue folder until all the recipients have received the message? The errors:<BR><BR>"SMTP could not connect to the DNS server The protocol used was UDP. It may be down or inaccessible."<BR><BR>"Message delivery to the remote domain failed for the following reason: SMTP could not connect to any DNS server."<BR><BR><BR><BR>I&#039;ve searched and searched and I can&#039;t find any straight answers to how to fix these problems. I&#039;ve seen stuff about needing to configure a "smarthost", but I can&#039;t find anywhere that says how to do that. I don&#039;t even know if that will fix it.<BR><BR>Please help. Thank you!<BR>

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    1. you don&#039;t NEED a smarthost, though in this case it may help<BR>2. it seems to me your machine is having fairly major DNS issues. how many DNS servers do you have specified in your network properties? I reckon the delay is just because of swamped DNS, so adding a third or evenm fourth DNS option should speed things up appreciably.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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