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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have never used sessions before but I have been having this one problem for which everyone on the message board has advised that I use sessions. Hence, I went on a spree of reading up sessions. I have some questions about it:<BR><BR>.1. I am trying to make the userid I get in my starting page to run through all the pages that the user connects to. It does without using sessions but when I hit the "Go back to main menu" button, the userid does not go with it(it is a hidden field and is not sent as a query string).<BR><BR>.2. My asp pages are not hierarchical. Meaning, they are individual asp files located in the same level under the wwwroot directory and none is placed on a sub-directory under the wwwroot.<BR><BR>.3. Given this, will session variables work? If not, will Application variables work?<BR><BR>.4. Can you provide me with a sample code on the answer to .3. above. <BR><BR>Thanks a million in advance,<BR><BR>/Sumithra<BR><BR>

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    I concur with what everyone else has told you. For passing a userid across the site, the session variable is the way to go.<BR><BR>Don&#039t worry, the physical file structure will have no effect on using session variables. Once the session variable is assigned, it will remain available as long as the visitor stays on your site.

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