Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;m currently working on an ASP.NET order entry application. The online app is actually a portion of an Access DB app (the logic at least). In any case, in my ASP app I&#039;m using an Access DB to maintain my web data (users, orders, product info, etc.). One of the tables in this database is a list of valid users (tbl_Web_Users). <BR><BR>This table stores customer information crucial to performing a customer order (various ID&#039;s) and not much else. All of the ID&#039;s used in tbl_web_user are pulled from a Client Based Access DB application.<BR><BR>Now my real question can finally begin. I was wondering if its possible to create a Connection Object in my Client Based Access App that would connect to the Access DB I have on the internet driving my ASP.NET app. <BR><BR>I would like to add &#039;Create Web User&#039; functionality to the Client Access app to eliminate some of the administrative overhead of having to manually add a user to the Online system. But such a feature would require me to make a second DB connection from within my Access Application.<BR><BR>If there is anyway that anyone out there knows how to perform this task I would really love some input on the topic. The only other idea I had besides creating a connection object within the client Access Application was to create a small VB program that would achieve the same goal. Anyways, thats my dilema, any and all help is appriciated.<BR><BR>Cheers