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    Simple exercise,,,,,,,,,,<BR>i have a form.asp, that has <BR>1)text box(stores name)<BR>2)text box(stores url)<BR>3)edit button<BR>4)add button<BR><BR>When the user clicks add after entering data, posted to setprefs.asp-&#062; it is stored in a dict object and -&#062; displayed in form.asp<BR>When user clicks edit, the values are prepopulated in text boxes and clicks add next -&#062; to update<BR><BR>Any ideas on how i pass this value(right now i am using a hidden form field)<BR><BR>Also on the <BR>If request.form("add")<BR> How can i tell if it is a Edit and not a fresh Add<BR> &#039; do something<BR>End If<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR>thnaks

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    Just set a couple flags.. you could use a session, hidden form field or even a cookie to maintain the "STATE" of your form. or, you could just keep hidden form fields, and check "each status value as you process your form."<BR><BR>HTH<BR>D.

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