I&#039m wondering if anyone has made a different kind of messageboard then the usual that is out there? I&#039ll try to explain myself a little bit. <BR><BR>The usual way (I think) you build a messageboard is to refer to another post to build which then is looped in the code to create a ie an webpage. I&#039m wondering if there is a way to save the information in the database so that you can order it by a column. Then the only thing you have to do is to select all of the information and order by the column, that way you will speed up the making of the webpage. Although it might take a sec or two to post the new post into the database, which is OK.<BR><BR>Of course the database should be dynamic so that you can have as many post and levels as the datatypes allow (a whole lot that is ). <BR><BR>Thankful for any help I can get and please ask post a message if you don&#039t understand what I mean.