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    When I use<BR>Server.CreateObject(&#039;object&#039;)<BR> Where are the files assoctiated with this &#039;object&#039; actually stored on the webServer?<BR>May be a silly question, but I have setUp a server with IIS and have never really administered it before. We have an app. developed by someone else that calls object&#039;s with names I am not familiar with. They are not the standard object&#039;s I use when writing asp. I assume I am using objects provided by microsoft, while there are &#039;custom&#039; built? How do I find these files on my webServer?<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default Doesn't matter...

    That name (&#039;object&#039;) is looked up in the Registry, and the registry tells where the DLL is located. If you move the DLL *after* registering it, then you should re-register it.<BR><BR>

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