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    Can someone help me? I&#039;m trying to write to an access database in the Session_OnEnd event. If I put the following code in the Session_onStart event, it works fine. If I put it in the Session_onEnd event, it seems that line 4 (application("db").open "thudb") won&#039;t run. I have upgraded my MDAC to 2.71 and still no connection.<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be &#039;greatly&#039; appreciated.<BR><BR>Application("test2") = "start"<BR>set application("db") = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>applica tion("source") = "INSERT INTO User_LogTime (user_id, SID) VALUES (222,"&session.sessionid&")"<BR>application("db"). open "thudb"<BR>Application("test2") = "finished"<BR>application("db").execute application("source")<BR>application("db").close<B R>set application("db")=nothing

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    Session_OnEnd is buggy. Period. Especially with ADO it seems. More people seem to have problems writing to a DB in the OnEnd event handler than anything else. It really sucks, and I wish M$FT would get off their lazy asses and fix it. I mean, it&#039;s been around for quite a few versions, now. I wonder if ASP.NET experiences the same thing with whatever implementation it has for it (I&#039;m not a .NET&#039;er).<BR><BR>So, it&#039;s buggy, and that&#039;s why you&#039;re having problems. Unfortunately, there is no fix until M$FT gives us one.<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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    Default ASP.NET is better

    Check out the details and a work around solution that works really well for one of our production sites.<BR><BR>

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