I am writing an application for the pocket pc that scans barcodes. The problem I am having is that after 2 or 3 scans the asp:textbox control starts to drop the first character.<BR><BR>I have hooked up a keyboard with an attached scanner and run the application on a desktop using IE and it works just fine. So I must assume the problem is somehow related to PIE.<BR><BR>I am using a IPAQ 3850 with a bar code scanning sled from symbol.<BR><BR>FYI: I create an focus event for the textbox on the page_load calling it "onfocus". Then, on the client side, I wrote the "onfocus" function using javascript. This onfocus event simply sets timers for the textbox and checks for a barcode in the text. If it finds text I do a "document.formname.submit();".<BR><BR>Then on the page_load I check to see if the textbox has data, and if so I call another .aspx page to do things. I then response.redirect back to the original page.<BR><BR>another FYI: After the first character starts to get lost, if I simply click on a SUBMIT button, everything seems to clear up and I can then scan 2 or 3 more bar codes before the first character starts to disappear again.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR>