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    I&#039m using AspMail 2 and I want include a given number of recordsets in a plain-text email-body. How can I format this properly ?<BR><BR>Something like this would be nice:<BR><BR>-------------Column1---Column2---Column3<BR>Record1------data--------data--------data<BR>Record2------data--------data--------data<BR>Record3------data--------data--------data<BR><BR><BR>Thanks alot.<BR><BR>Espen

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    Use vbTab to tab-deliminate your stuff..<BR><BR>like this:<BR><BR>rs("COLUMN1") & vbTab & rs("COLUMN2") & vbTab & ... etc<BR><BR>Naturally, a problem will arise when alot of text is poured out...<BR><BR>Is there an HTML formatting option in ASPMAIL2? I have ASPMAIL3 and there is an HTML option:<BR><BR>Mailer.ContentType = "text/html"<BR><BR>If you use something like that, you can place your Data into tables, which look much better.<BR>

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