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    I have a number of messages in an SQL database that I will be emailing to members. I would like the members to specify the date and the time they would like the message to be sent. What are my options on sending such scheduled emails?<BR><BR>Thanks for any advice<BR>Danny<BR>

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    One possibility is that you write a NT Service that checks your table in the database periodically. Maybe you create another field for that table which is a boolean flag and have it set to False by default. When it checks, sees that the time/date has passed, it will fire off the process for the email (via SMTP) and set the boolean to True so that it will not check it again.<BR><BR>Sample process:<BR>Checks, say, every hour (using a Timer control). It will query the database for all messages that a) have the IsSent flag = False and b) the current date/time is &#062; the message send date/time. It passes parameters to your Email function. Afterwards, it updates the IsSent flag to true.<BR><BR>That&#039;s exactly what I would do, with the amount of times the Service runs to be determined by your business rules. Good luck.<BR><BR>Willis

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