Hello. I am a ASP.NET developer. I have Visual Studio.NET Enterprise Architect 2003 installed on my computer, which I also use as localhost. Our official web server has .NET framework 1.1 installed, but when I tried to compile my application, hosted on the remote server, in VS.NET, I get an error msg: "Error while trying to run project: unable to start debugging on the Web server. The Debugger is not properly installed." So I look it up on MSDN, and I find that I must install the VS.NET server component on the server. Fair enough.<BR><BR>However, I was wondering about an alternative. For example, can I develop the application on my LOCALHOST, which has VS.NET and consequently the server components, and then when the app is ready for production, migrate it to the production server (which does not support remote debugging)? That way, I do all the debugging/compilation on the localhost. Would this work?