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    I have seen some sites that have, what seem to be, a standard select box form element that they have changed the color on.<BR>I know how to change the font and background color in a select box, but am unsure of how to change the arrow and scroll bar on a select box. I know this should probably be in HTML forum, but the action on the forums seems to slow down this time of the day so I posted it here.<BR>TIA!!

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    Default Read the docs

    You should have this URL permanently etched into your forehead...or at least prominent in your "favorites":<BR><BR><BR><BR>And then you get to:<BR><BR><BR>And click on "Styles" and then look at what styles you are allowed to set for a &#060;SELECT&#062;.<BR><BR>I see nothing at all about "scrollXXX" so I would have to say it can&#039;t be done with a &#060;SELECT&#062;. I would guess that the pages you see doing that are using DHTML to *simulate* a richer &#060;SELECT&#062; than is provided by the standards.<BR><BR>

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