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    I&#039;ve create a survey that users fill out and submit.<BR>The data is written to a SQL database. My questions<BR>are:<BR><BR>1. When the user clicks "submit" how do I know, or how<BR> do I test that everything processed? If I don&#039;t get <BR> errors is that enough?<BR><BR>2. Once I know that the submit was successful how do I display<BR> another page that says "Thanks for taking my survey".

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    Off of the top of my head, I would do something like this:<BR><BR>After inserting the record into your DB, have SQL return the primary key. If the primary key is not null or equal to 0 then you know it was successfull.<BR><BR>I would also have a Label Control with Text="Thanks for taking my survey". Have the control set to Visible="False". If the inserting into SQL was successfull, set the Label control to Visible="True" and the Table/DataGrid (whatever your using) to Visible="False.<BR><BR>I would also recommend using JavaScript to make sure that the required fields are filled in when the button is submitted. This will help to make sure the SQL insert will be successful.<BR><BR>hth,<BR>David

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