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    To whom it may concern,<BR><BR>I am working on an IIS server (I have no technical knowledge whatsoever) and I have some pages that aren&#039;t working. The problem is, they were before the box was reconfigured. The files in question have an "&" in the filename, for instance a&b_test.htm, c&d_test.asp and e&f_test.aspx. The server admin doesn&#039;t seem to think there is anything that can allow for this, but as I said, the pages worked before. Has anyone experienced this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>James

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    I&#039;d be inclined to say this :<BR><BR>never, ever use HTTP special characters in filenames. so <BR><BR>&amp;<BR>%<BR>?<BR><BR>are certainly out. it may have worked before, maybe a service pack stopped it, but it shouldn&#039;t have been done in the first place, IMO<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/

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