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    HI,<BR>We have a ERP system based on VB6.0.Now we want to change it to dotnet.First of all we will be changing the business logic part and the database interaction part.We are planning to convert that into a dotnet component and use the component in VB6.0.Now the current VB6.0 project is a multi user system.VB 6.0 application installed on all the machines in the Company.What kind of approach is recommended?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    first of all, examine the reason for changing to .NET in the first place. Do you need to add a significant number of new features? a straight port-over wouldn&#039;t really add a lot of value, you&#039;d just get a few performance enhancements, maybe a more streamlined source (or maybe not). Going to .NET just for the sake of it would be a questionable decision<BR><BR>you&#039;d also need the NET runtime installed on all the machines this thing will run on, which is a significant hassle if you&#039;ve not upgradedeveryone to XP SP1 yet.<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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