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    hello all....<BR>i have the current string<BR><BR>somthing estimageshello.gif<BR><BR>how do I replace this with <BR>testimageshello.gif<BR>before entering it into my db?<BR>("somthing"...could be a variety of words.)<BR>thanks

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    Just set the string to <BR>testimageshello.gif<BR><BR>Now im sure there is more to what you are trying to do than that...<BR><BR>What exactly is the Full string value...<BR>give a couple examples<BR>and give example what you want to replace it with<BR>(What it should look like when done...)<BR><BR>Replace function is pretty easy<BR>Feed it the StringVariable<BR>Feed it what it should be looking for in the String<BR>Feed it what it should replace it with, "should there be a match...<BR><BR>strTest = "Russell is giving an example of the replace function"<BR><BR>Replace(strTest, "is giving an example of", "has submitted a message about")<BR><BR>strTest now becomes<BR>Russell has submitted a message about the replace function<BR><BR><BR>

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