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    I have a commerce side on server A, unfortunately the SSL servicer is server B, when I go from server A to server B I of course lose my session, so instead I write it to the DB. The only prob is that the products are stored in an array. My question is how can I add the array info to the db or pass the info to server B? Thanx for the help ; )<BR><BR>vOptArray = split(Request.Form("selOption"),",")<BR>vLength = UBound(vOptArray)<BR>q=0<BR><BR>FOR q=0 TO vLength<BR>IF vOptArray(q) &#062; "" THEN<BR> &#039; Dim sqlOptions, rsOpt<BR> <BR> &#039;CREATE A SQL STATEMENT FOR THE OPTION NAMES<BR> sqlOptions="SELECT o.OptionName as OptionName, i.ItemDesc as ItemDesc FROM cart_ProductOptions o, cart_ProductOptionItems i "<BR> sqlOptions=sqlOptions & "WHERE o.OptionID=i.OptionID AND i.OptionItemID = "<BR> sqlOptions=sqlOptions & vOptArray(q)<BR> sqlOptions=sqlOptions & ";"<BR><BR> &#039;CREATE A RECORDSET<BR> Set rsOpt = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR><BR> &#039;OPEN THE RECORDSET<BR> rsOpt.Open sqlOptions, dbconn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly<BR><BR> &#039;IF WE FIND RECORDS SHOW THEM<BR> IF NOT rsOpt.EOF THEN<BR><BR> &#039;LOOP THROUGH THE RECORDSET<BR> While Not rsOpt.EOF<BR> <BR> IF q=0 THEN<BR> arrCart(cOptID_0,scartItem) = vOptArray(q)<BR> arrCart(cOptName_0,scartItem) = rsOpt("OptionName")<BR> arrCart(cOptDesc_0,scartItem) = rsOpt("ItemDesc")<BR> END IF <BR> IF q=1 THEN<BR> arrCart(cOptID_1,scartItem) = vOptArray(q)<BR> arrCart(cOptName_1,scartItem) = rsOpt("OptionName")<BR> arrCart(cOptDesc_1,scartItem) = rsOpt("ItemDesc")<BR> END IF<BR> IF q=2 THEN<BR> arrCart(cOptID_2,scartItem) = vOptArray(q)<BR> arrCart(cOptName_2,scartItem) = rsOpt("OptionName")<BR> arrCart(cOptDesc_2,scartItem) = rsOpt("ItemDesc")<BR> END IF<BR> IF q=3 THEN<BR> arrCart(cOptID_3,scartItem) = vOptArray(q)<BR> arrCart(cOptName_3,scartItem) = rsOpt("OptionName")<BR> arrCart(cOptDesc_3,scartItem) = rsOpt("ItemDesc")<BR> END IF<BR> IF q=4 THEN<BR> arrCart(cOptID_4,scartItem) = vOptArray(q)<BR> arrCart(cOptName_4,scartItem) = rsOpt("OptionName")<BR> arrCart(cOptDesc_4,scartItem) = rsOpt("ItemDesc")<BR> END IF<BR><BR> rsOpt.MoveNext<BR> WEND<BR> <BR> rsOpt.Close<BR> SET rsOpt = NOTHING<BR> sqlOptions = ""<BR> <BR> END IF<BR>END IF<BR>NEXT<BR>END IF<BR>&#039;END ADD ITEM OPTIONS TO THE CART ARRAY<BR> <BR> arrCart(cProductid,scartItem) = rsItem("ProductID")<BR> arrCart(cProductCode,scartItem) = rsItem("Code")<BR> arrCart(cProductname,scartItem) = rsItem("Name")<BR> arrCart(cQuantity,scartItem) = CInt(quantity)<BR> arrCart(cUnitPrice,scartItem) = rsItem("Price")<BR> arrCart(cStockQTY,scartItem) = Request.Form("hdnStockQTY")<BR> arrCart(cShipCost,scartItem) = rsItem("ShipCost")<BR> arrCart(cShipCostMulti,scartItem) = rsItem("ShipCostMulti")<BR> arrCart(cTaxable,scartItem) = rsItem("Taxable") <BR> <BR><BR> IF CInt(quantity) &#062; vQty THEN<BR> vQty = CInt(quantity)<BR> ELSE vQty = vQty<BR> END IF<BR> <BR> Session("MyCart") = arrCart<BR> rsItem.Close<BR> dbc.Close<BR> End If<BR>Else

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    Default I'm not sure how you go from one server to an

    ...but can&#039;t you just have a form with all the products in as hidden fields and post that from server A to server B?<BR><BR>I mean, if server B just deals with the credit card stuff, you could have a sort of confirmation form on server A, which lists all the products, then the user clicks a confirm button and the form is posted to server B.<BR><BR>Do you know what I mean?<BR><BR>Oliver.

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