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    Does anybody know of a site where I can find what keywords in access would be in SQL DB because I keep receive errors when I convert over to SQL. Does anybody have any ideas?<BR><BR>sqlOrder = "SELECT FORMAT(OrderDate, &#039;MMM&#039;) as vMonth, Count(FORMAT(OrderDate, &#039;MMM&#039;)) as vMonthCount, "_<BR> & "SUM(OrderTotal) as vOrderTotal, AVG(OrderTotal) as vAvgOrderTotal, year(OrderDate)as vYear, month(OrderDate) as vMonthNum "_<BR> & "FROM cart_Orders "_<BR> & "WHERE CCResponseCode IS NULL or CCResponseCode = &#039;1&#039; "_<BR> & "Group By FORMAT(OrderDate, &#039;MMM&#039;), year(OrderDate), month(OrderDate) "_<BR> & "Order By year(OrderDate), month(OrderDate);"

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    Default the horse's mouth....

    ...would seem your best bet.<BR><BR> or<BR><BR><BR>Apologies if you&#039;ve already tried them, but I&#039;d be very surprised if MSDN doesn&#039;t have something.<BR><BR>R

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    Default Or BOL

    SQL Server Books Online<BR><BR>You should have it on your desktop if you installed the SQL tools.

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