Hi to all. I have a question on datagrid. In eidt mode, I have two dropdowmlist in the datagrid. I want when user to select first dropdownlist, I can filter the second dropdownlist according to the user selection on first dropdownlist. This problem is how I can refence to these two control during edit mode in the datagrid. I try use e.item.findcontrol in editcommand event. I have awlays get the error msg saying the reference is not an object. Here is my questions specifically.<BR>1. which datagrid event should I use to get the reference on these to dropdownlist controls? what is the event order in datagrid edit mode? How?<BR>2. how to handle the dropdownlist event (such as on indexselectedchanged)? how?<BR><BR>I appreciate your help and look forward for your advises.<BR><BR>