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    Default onkeypress function

    I am calling a javascript function which is called when user enters something in the text box and then clicks on the button next to it. <BR>&#060;input type="button" value=" &raquo; " onclick="submitform();"&#062;<BR><BR>the function doesn&#039;t get called if user enters something in textbox and hits enter rather than click. I tried onKeyPress but that is not working.<BR><BR>Any suggestion

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    Default use onsubmit

    &#060;form onsubmit="return doSomethinghere()"&#062;<BR><BR>if the function returns true, the form will submit, if it doesn&#039;t, it won&#039;t<BR><BR>see here :<BR><BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/infinitemonkeys/articles/javascript/976.asp

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