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    Hello everyone.<BR><BR>I am just getting started with ASP.NET, but I am having problems getting everything set up. I d/l&#039;ed the .NET Framework and SDK (1.1) and then MSDE 2000. Now when I try to install MSDE 2000, I get "A strong SA password is required for security reasons. Please use SAPWD switch to supply the same..."<BR><BR>I searched the Knowledge Base for an answer to this, but didn&#039;t really come up with anything useful. Anyone have suggestions? I am using Win XP as my OS<BR><BR>Thanks

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    by &#039;switch&#039; it means a command-line option of the installer.<BR><BR>find the installer, get a command line and type &#060;file&#062;.exe /?<BR><BR>and it&#039;ll give you a breakdown of the command-line options. then make sure you use the one specifying a strong sa password.<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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