I have a software delivery system that sends out software on my company&#039s intranet. After the delivery the system let the pusher (user who is pushing the software) know if the software was successfully pushed or it failed. This data is coming from the unix server. Currently the data is coming in the form of text (csv) files. The data tells us that which hostname received the software and which failed<BR><BR>The management uses my asp page to access this text file and know which hostname received the software sucessfully and which failed. Looking at the no of softwares being pushed to all the servers this text file is growing like crazy. Right now it has about 30,000 rows and expected to grow more. Due to this the search becomes slow. So what should i do to make this search faster.<BR><BR>Database table?<BR>Create a table which gets the data feeded directly from the unix servers...how do I do that? Every time user pushes the software and delivery is over...I want the data to come from unix to my table and get appended. How to do that. <BR><BR>Also I am using SQL 7.0 . Will my database will really suffer if I have a table which has about 50000 rows? And more than one user are querying while system is feeding the data to it. If this is the case then would it be just better to keep the text file growing?<BR><BR>Please help!