I have a web application which allows users to select certain reports to be created in the background by a scheduled job. The job that is run generates the html for the report and stores it in the database. When the user wishes to view the report, they click on a link, the html code is pulled from the db and renders the report for the user to view in the browser. Now the request has come in to add the ability for the scheduled job to send the html report to a printer.<BR><BR>After hours of searching, I have discovered that I can write a script to create an instance of IE for rendering the HTML code to create the report. The tricky part seems to be automatically printing the report. One option found is to use the WebBrowser control but I can&#039;t specify a printer. It takes the default printer. The other possible option is to use a printer template but I can&#039;t find a simple, straightforward example. I have questions I am hoping someone here can answer. For reference, my web application is written is ASP and we use Internet Explorer 5.5.<BR><BR>1 - Do you have example code of using a printer template? The Sample code on MSDN is not functioning.<BR>2 - Printer templates are XML based, correct?<BR>3 - Can I specify a printer? If so, how?<BR>4 - Can I simply call the default IE printer template so that I don&#039;t have to go through the added effort of creating my own. The only other option in addition to specifying a printer that I may need to customize is to set the page layout to Landscape.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help.<BR>