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    People knows CDONTS works fine with IIS Virtual SMTP to send email. However, I need to know how to perform this job in a different scenario.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve developed a page that calls CDONTS and send an email using IIS Virtual SMTP.<BR>Then, I installed Exchange2K to the same machine and Virtual SMTP was replaced by Ex2K default SMTP. At this moment, my CDONTS application still works fine.<BR>But for security reason, the SMTP was restricted to auth people with login and password (Basic Auth). <BR>Then when I run my CDONTS application... Permission error. <BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea how to over come this problem?<BR>How can I make my application to login to exchange virtual smtp?<BR><BR>Thx,<BR><BR>Sky<BR>...No Limit

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    I&#039;m no Exchange expert, but you may need to create an account for the IUSER (the default profile for visitors of your server).<BR><BR>

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