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    Default Refreshing and IFrames

    I have an IFRAM in a page (default.asp). <BR><BR>In this IFrame is a link that opens a popup window. I want to reload the IFrame and the page (default.asp) that holds the IFrame when the popup is closed.<BR><BR>when I do window.opener.location.reload (true) only the IFrame is reloaded.<BR><BR>I tried window.opener.parent.location.reload but I got a permission denied error.<BR><BR>Does anyone know a solution to this?<BR>

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    Default Put a JavaScipt function..

    .. into your IFRAME:<BR>function reloadParent()<BR>{<BR> parent.location.reload();<BR>}<BR><BR>Then, in your pop-up window, do:<BR>opener.reloadParent();<BR><BR>And, I don&#039;t know that you need to specifically reload the IFRAME -- won&#039;t your IFRAME get reloaded BY the parent window&#039;s reload?

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