Hi all,<BR><BR>I have these two tables from PROJECT_MASTER(PROJECT_ID,CLIENT_NAME,CLIENT_DIVIS ION,CREATED_BY,........)<BR>PROJ_DETAILS(PROJECT_I D,SERVICE_ID,ENTITY,FIRST_HALF,SECOND_HALF,FY,COUN TRY_ID).<BR><BR>In my ASP page I need to display all the projects. Each project will have 9 services and 3 entities for each service. A total of 200 columns will be there for each project.<BR>I am using this stored procedure to get all the project details.<BR><BR>create procedure getdetails<BR> @S_ID INT, /* Service Id */<BR> @EY char(10), /* Entity */<BR> @FY INT, /* financial year */ <BR> @COUNTRY_ID INT, /* Country id */ <BR> @PROJECT_ID INT /* project id */<BR> <BR>AS <BR><BR>select p.first_half,p.second_half from service_master s,Proj_details p where s.service_id=p.service_id and s.service_id=@S_ID and p.entity=@EY and p.F_YEAR=@FY and p.country_id=@COUNTRY_ID and p.project_id=@PROJECT_ID<BR><BR>GO<BR><BR><BR>for each and every service I and every entity I will be executing the below mentioned query.<BR> <BR>sqls1="getdetails " &"2"&","&"1"&","&rsget("FY")&","&rsget("COUNTRY_ID ")&","&rsget(0)<BR>set rss1=ObjDBconn.execute(sqls1)<BR>if not rss1.eof then<BR>SE1=rss1(0)<BR>SE2=rss1(1)<BR>end if<BR><BR><BR>Its taking hell lot of time..Can anyone suggest me something...<BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards