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    hi guys, <BR>i&#039m a beginner and i need help....<BR>how do i use common dialog control in html code?<BR>i need to open/attach files to e-mail that&#039s going back to me from the user.<BR>thank you very much in advance.

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    Kid Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>First use &#060;INPUT TYPE="FILE" Name="SomeName"&#062; to browse the files in the client pc.<BR><BR>But to bring it from the client pc to the server you have to use components. There are free components (aspUpload) available to "port" the files to your server from which you can manipulate the files accordingly.<BR><BR>Hope this helps you.

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    Chantal Guest

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    This input automatically creates a text field and a "Browse" button that the user can click in order to select a file to upload from their local hard drive. <BR> <BR>It then associates the file contents with the NAME defined in the &#060;INPUT&#062; tag. <BR> <BR>Below is a basic example <BR>&#060;FORM ACTION = ""&#062;<BR> &#060;INPUT TYPE = "FILE" NAME = "upload_file"&#062;<BR>&#060;/FORM&#062; <BR>

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