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    Hi,.. I have an email account in one ISP and I wonder, Can I download all email in my mailbox and display it on a webpage just like a webmail application ,... i guess<BR><BR>can somebody help me ? thanks

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    fl1rt Guest

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    you will need ASP POP componant to interface with your mail server. (about $70.00)<BR><BR>I&#039m currently building a web based e-mail system/interface very similar to Yahoo! & HoTMaiL for retrieving and sending SMTP mail.<BR><BR>it&#039s a big job, to build the interface and all the functionality, which I will allow members at FreeURL to use for Free - so be wary about its development if you go this route.<BR><BR>I will probably make the application a commercial product if anyone is interested.<BR><BR>The product should be released in the next 4 weeks and an initial screenshot is available at:-<BR>

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    I have already done the same application few days back.<BR>My implimentation is:<BR><BR>Condition: The server(where your inbox is there)should be a POP3 server<BR><BR>I made a DLL file(POP3 Client) which is capable of connecting to the other servers and read the mail.<BR><BR>Made an application program(EXE) which will be kept on the NT scheduler and will run automatically run quite regularly and update the users of my website(Take serverName, username, password of the inbox from the users of different servers before)<BR><BR>Try it out...<BR>All the best..<BR>

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