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    Hi,.. I have an email account in one ISP and I wonder, Can I download all email in my mailbox and display it on a webpage just like a webmail application ,... i guess<BR><BR>can somebody help me ? thanks

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    this question has appeared quite often lately. You have a few options to do this. if you are new to components or have not written one yet then writing your own would probably be more trouble than its worth. You can go to and buy theirs for like 60 bucks and it works well. Simply register the component and use it. If you would like to write one of your own then you are going to have to dig into winsock and write a component that will take the parameters to connect...server, port..etc and then properly send and receive the status codes..actually this is quite easy if you have started writing components. <BR>So those are your to immediate solutions. If the ISP is using an exchange server then you can go through LDAP to connect and get your mail that way, but in my past experience a lot of isps use either Exchange (good for you), UNIX a bit more difficult, or someting like IPAD or some third party mail dameon. <BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>gary

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