DEAR SIR,<BR>i am new programmer to asp and i have just installed IIS in my computer but after i install IIS and i opened a asp file that i got from cd WAP SITE and some other database link site i opened it in visaul intevdev and again saved it in intpub/wwwroot but when i go to browser and make http://localhost/filename<BR>say page cannot be diplayed error message what is wrong here<BR>by the way i have got bought a web space could any bosy contribute some database link web pages or other.i will keep his full name and add as web programmer in my web iste<BR>or could i get it any where in this www<BR>please help this asp learner<BR>I AM TRYING TO DEVELOP A WEB APPLICATION LIKE<BR><BR><BR>YOUR FIATHFULLY<BR>SANJAY FRANK