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    Is possible to develop a Corporation using the Linus Torvalds style or similiar?<BR><BR>If you post every week on this site means that you have time and knoweldge to develp anithing, maybe...<BR><BR>What is your point of view?<BR><BR>Is possible to develop a prototipe of a product?<BR><BR>Bill, God What do you think?<BR><BR>SM is the only who see the benefits, is possible to make an organization and see the benefits for everyone... <BR><BR>think hard it on the weekend....<BR><BR>I have the Interest, an I know that a big effort is needed...<BR><BR>But the effort maybe is only on organice....<BR><BR>Mauricio.

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    &#062;Is possible to develop a Corporation using the Linus Torvalds <BR>&#062;style or similiar?<BR><BR>Sure. See Red Hat for an example. They make their money not of proprietary software, but by supporting it.<BR><BR>It&#039;s an incredibly inefficient business model, but it can be done, if done right.

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    Default A way to do a "Eficient" Corporation for US?

    hey! do an corporation and Include ME!<BR><BR>HEY!

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