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    I am working on a website that has links to another secure site that contains documents for download. When a user comes to my site and clicks on one of the links a popup window containing the document that they requested is displayed. If this is the first document that they are requesting then they are asked by the secure site to log in. Sometimes these documents are very large and take some time to load. Is it possible for me to create a progress bar on my site to track the progress of the document loading in the popup window? If anything can be done it has to be done from my site and not the site that contains the documents.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Rich<BR>

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    your progress bar has to be on the client and that has no idea what is going on on the server<BR><BR><BR>you will have to create one where it is aprox, then you will submit the page and check. If it is done, you will display the page otherwise display the progress bar again.<BR><BR>

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