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    There are lots of scripts out there that allow a user to upload a file to the server via their browser, there are scripting solutions to this and COM objects as well. I have heard from many people that its the best route to get a DLL COM object and install it on the server I am using as opposed to a scripting solution. I wanted to know what the downfalls on a scripting solution is, because I have no access to the server I use, and they dont have any image upload DLL&#039;s on their server. <BR><BR>I also think that a scripting solution is good because you can use them on whatever server you want, as long as it supports ASP/VBScript. <BR><BR>If there any scripting solutions that you guys would recomend using I would really appreciate a link :)<BR><BR>PS I need to be able upload the picture, but be able to control the naming of the file via a online form feild :)<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default www.asp101.com

    has one, dll is the way to go however.

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