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    Hi! <BR><BR>I wanted to know how yahoo makes it so that people can check external mail servers from their yahoo accounts? I know this is completely off topic but maybe somebody could help me with this?<BR><BR>Please send a response to my yahoo account at <BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>-Surojit

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Outside mail; exceptionally simplified version.

    It&#039s pretty much the same as grabbing a web page as a string and then saving it somewhere, but with email.<BR><BR>1) Generate a POP3 standard object (there&#039s a component for sale [] which handles this; Yahoo! probably wrote their own.)<BR><BR>2) Having username, password and target server, along with any other query parameters (leave mail? new mail?) as necessary, they go out and retrieve a mail collection and place it Somewhere on their server -- either in a database or on a disk -- with your name on it.<BR><BR>3) Kill POP3 object. I don&#039t think it needs a disconnect, but I&#039ve not actually handled it, so I&#039m not sure.

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    fl1rt Guest

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    I would agree that server objects componant is the best solution.<BR><BR>I&#039m currently using the trial version to test POP interfacing and it works really well. I shall have my HoTMaiL style web based e-mail system running very soon - thanks to this componant.<BR><BR>it&#039s extremely easy to use.

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