Records at the same time. I have a page that inserts a single record and also uploads a file to the server. Normally I wouldn&#039;t be able to Request.Form for all of my form elements in a (ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data") Form. However the script that I found on the web allows me to by doing something like this.<BR><BR>Dim Uploader, File<BR>Set Uploader = New FileUploader<BR><BR>&#039; This starts the upload process<BR>Uploader.Upload()<BR><BR>include/upload.asp<BR><BR>Next I Write out my form varaibles like this<BR><BR>Dim ReportCatID : ReportCatID = Uploader.Form("ReportCatID")<BR>Dim RepGrpID : RepGrpID = Split(Uploader.Form("RepGrpID"), ", ")<BR>Dim employeeCreated : employeeCreated = Uploader.Form("employeeCreated")<BR>Dim ReportLevel : ReportLevel = Uploader.Form("ReportLevel")<BR><BR>After I complete the insert I then need to loop through one of the form elements above.<BR><BR>Dim RepGrpID : RepGrpID = Split(Uploader.Form("RepGrpID"), ", ")<BR><BR>As you can assume this formelement allows the user to select more than one value. I store each value in a seperate table that cross referances the newly added record (SELECT TOP 1 RecordID ORDER BY DESC) with all the selected form element values passed. I perform this by doing the following.<BR><BR>&#039; 1st grab the new record id<BR>sqlTopID = "SELECT TOP 1 reportID FROM GRIPA_Reports_Library ORDER BY reportID DESC"<BR>set rsRptID = conn.Execute(sqlTopID)<BR><BR>&#039; Next loop through all the possible vales that may have been passed and then insert them into the a separate cross reference table<BR><BR>For i = 0 To UBound(RepGrpID) <BR>CrossInsertStr = "INSERT INTO dbo.GRIPA_rpt_CROSS_Grps (reportID, RepGrpID) VALUES (" & rsRptID("reportID") & "," & RepGrpID(i) & ")"<BR>conn.Execute (CrossInsertStr)<BR>Next <BR><BR>The problem is that it’s only inserting the first selected value. So if the user were to select multiple values within this specific form element it will only select there first choice. Can any one help me with this? I can provide specific code both from the process page and also the include file that actually is the one that performs the upload itself.<BR>