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    Paul Fleming Guest

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    *********22 de marzo: ¡No esperes más!********** Buscamos a un programador que domina la programación ASP para la plataforma Microsoft, con muchas ganas de formar parte de un equipo dinámico y seguir creciendo y aprendiendo. Si tienes este esp*ritu inquieto y curioso, si ya eres un gran profesional y estás orgulloso de la calidad de tu trabajo, si sabes motivarte a ti mismo por la ilusión que llevas dentro y quieres contribuir a grandes proyectos en Internet, nos encantar*a conocerte mejor.<BR><BR>Requisitos:<BR>Fundados conicimientos de Windows NT, SQL Server, programación ASP, HTML, dHTML. Experiencia laboral o experiencia autodidáctica. Se valora disponibilidad inmediata.<BR><BR>Otros comentarios: <BR>++INCORPORACIÓN INMEDIATA++<BR><BR>Datos de contacto: Mandar CV a: Menciona por favor que has visto este anuncio en la web de los 4 chicos de Rolla...<BR> <BR>

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    Alex Krooglik Guest

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    For those who don&#039t speak Spanish:<BR><BR>**22nd March : Wait no longer! ** We&#039re looking for a programmer who knows his/her ASP, who has a strong desire to form part of a dynamic team and to keep growing and learning. If you have this restless and curious spirit, if you&#039re already a great professional and you&#039re proud of the quality of your work, if you know how to motivate yourself by what you carry inside and you want to contribute to great Internet projects, we&#039d love to know you better.<BR><BR>Requisites:<BR>Core knowledge of Windows NT, SQL Server, ASP, HTML, etc. Workforce or self-taught experience. Immediate availability valued.<BR><BR>Contact : Send CV to . Mention you saw this add on 4guys.<BR><BR><BR>[I&#039d like to add that I&#039d love to live in Barcelona, what a city, and the Latina girls are awesome. However suitable I might be, I just wished these guys could wait a few more months for me...]

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    Luis Rosales Guest

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    Luis Rosales<BR>2625 Poplar <BR>Garland, Texas 75042 (927) 496 2011 <BR>______________________________________________ ___________________________ <BR><BR>SUMMARY<BR><BR>Strong Computer Background.<BR>Strong knowledge of Network infrastructure, client/server application, web enabled applications and Web development<BR>Strong knowledge of Web enabled n-tier applications for Business-to-Business, Business to Consumers, Internet Portals and E-commerce.<BR>Strong Project Management.<BR>Able to interface with IT departments from network to programming and Internet development to senior management/Executives.<BR>Strong Interpersonal skills.<BR>High organizational and analytical skills.<BR>Strong presentation and communication skills.<BR>Bilingual (English/Spanish).<BR>Willing to travel.<BR><BR>TECHNICAL SUMMARY<BR><BR>Hardware: IBM Clones, Switch hubs, Routers (Baynetwork, ascend, cisco, 3com), DSU/CSU, Compaq Servers. Dell Servers, RS6000/30, Frame Relay, ISDN, DSL, Modems, Ethernet 10/100, Token Ring, appletalk,, apple computers.<BR>Software:MS Exchange, NT, Novell, SMS, SNA, EDI, Winframe, IIS/MTS, Lotus Notes 4.x, Groupwise, NT SQL, Oracle 7, 8 and 8i, MVS, TSO, DOS, ISPF, CA7, CA11, ASP/MTS/ADSI, UML, Visio, Visual Studio Modeler, Interdev, frontpage, Hotmetal , IBM AIX, Network Admin, Database Admin<BR>Programming:VBA, VB, VC++, UML, HTML, Interdev, Access, IIS/MTS/ASP, VFoxPro, Clipper, DBIII and IV, Cobol, ALC, RPGII, CICS, DB2, SAS, JCL, IMS, Rational Rose, Visual Studio, NT SQL Server, PWS, WebSite, ODBC,ADO, SMTP, FTP, TFPT, NNTP, Crystal Rpts, knowledge CGI<BR>Business: Web Presence, E-commerce Business, Portals, E-business, Intranet, Extranets, Firewalls, Disaster Recovery, Network Design, Internet<BR><BR>EXPERIENCE<BR><BR>What! Technology Inc, Garland, TX. 07/1998 - Present<BR>MIS Director <BR>Responsible for the supervision of 6 developers, 3 network Techs and 1 sales person. Rebuild the infrastructure to accommodate for e-commerce. This resulted in an increase of revenue. Added a new department and new developers with experience in web development. This also resulted in an increase of revenue. Created a training course for the new and existing staff. The result was customer satisfaction. Currently involve in programming Palm Pilot application. Interface with customers, developers and network personnel. Created classes and gave classes in VBA & VB, UML, Web Development and InterDev, Router configuration, WAN Administration and Remote Management Using SMS. Created several utilities to train staff in XML, and Cascading Style Sheets. Created application for customer of what technology, which resulted in 80% increase in savings from their previous business process method. Upsized (2) databases from access to SQL; SQL as a backend and VB as the front end. (1) Database was upsized from FoxPro to SQL with FoxPro being the interface and SQL the backend. In all instances the databases performance were improved by as much as 90% and the ROI were 100%. <BR><BR> <BR>Engine Master, Dallas, TX. 06/1997 - 07/1998<BR>MIS Director <BR>Hired to Implement the infrastructure of the network from the Outlets to the software development. <BR>Installed and configured Compaq Server’s 3XXX Series, BayNetworks Routers in three sites, configure the Frame Relay as an intranet and at the same time gave them access to the internet.<BR>We installed a Fractional T1 and a Full T1 for the Phone System (Definity 3000) Install RAS/RIP as fault tolerance. Every site had a Backup domain controller. DHCP, WINS and TCP/IP as Well as DNS where running on the servers. Integrated a Novell, NT and Unix environment to support DOS applications and WinFrame. All sites were controlled using SMS. Installed Rightfax to use the Phone system to accept faxes from people on the Road and at the same time scan documents to be faxed out. Supported Clientele, an Access Database with NT SQL as the backend made changes to report in clientele database and also SQL Installed configure NT SQL 6.5 to support SMS, Great Plains, Clientele. Create reports for Great Plains using VBA. Installed and Configure several Proxy Servers. Installed and configure Lotus Notes and also replicated across the WAN to other sites. Also Installed and supported EDI with IBM Global as the provider. Created an application to track inventory of computer equipment and track calls generated by the internal staff. <BR><BR>The Aegis Group, Dallas, TX. 02/1997 - 06/1997<BR>Consultant/ Contract <BR>Developed and maintained Cobol programs for various customers. Designed and implemented local area networks, and was designated site manager for some client&#039s systems integration. Developed and customized software package for the Health Care Industry, which included installing SQL Server in an NT Platform using Windows 95 workstations. Used RAS to dial in to a Wide Area Network via an ISDN line using an Ascend Router. Migrated Novell Server environments to MS NT Server environments, built servers using level Raid 5 redundancy or Fault Tolerance. Established connectivity among local sites using RAS, Routers and ISDN lines. Involved in designing and implementing the distribution of over one thousand workstations and two hundred fifty servers for one of the Fortune 500 companies with multiple domains using DHCP, SMS, TCP/IP, WINS and DNS.<BR><BR><BR>Perot Systems Inc, Richardson, TX. 06/1996 - 02/1997<BR>Consultant/Contract <BR>Daily administration of Novell 3.12 networks, using Ethernet architecture. Tasks included troubleshooting, workstation maintenance, Novell security, Backups, configuration and maintenance of the LAN. Other tasks included Capacity Planning for future growth of the LAN&#039s. Installed and planned file servers to use modems and node connectivity communicating to each other using Cisco Routers and bridges. Managed a total of 250 nodes with 150 users at any one time logged into the LAN. Installed and supported users using Novell 3.12 and TCP/IP with connections to mainframes, CICS and Tandems, using Outside View and CICS.<BR><BR><BR>PDS Inc, Irving, TX. 01/1995 - 06/1996<BR>LAN Network/Consultant <BR>Daily administration of a Novell 3.11 networks within Token Ring architecture. Tasks included problem solving, maintenance of workstations, Novell security, Backups, Configuration, maintenance of the LAN. Installation and upgrading software. Work also consisted of planning for the future expansion of a diversified network including the distribution of said network. Worked on communications with the AS/400 System using Rumba, with the Mainframe 3090 system using 3070 Terminal Emulation via modems.<BR><BR> <BR>information Processing Corp, Dallas, TX. 05/1980 - 01/1995<BR>Lead Programmer <BR>Started as an Operator for the Mainframe 360, promoted as a systems programmer for the Mainframe 3090. <BR>Developed and maintained software packages for the banking industry, as well as supported the mainframe environment. Programming languages used for maintenance of the mainframe were ALC and Cobol, for the application development of the banking software we used SAS, Cobol, ALC, Panvalet, RPG II and III, CICS and DB2. Installed and supported UCC7 and UCC11, scheduling software package. Supported accounting packages such as McCormack & Dodge&#039s General Ledger, AP and Accounts Receivables. Developed utilities for said programs using SAS, Dy1280, RPG and ALC.<BR>Instructed new employees on RPG, CICS, COBOL, UCC11, SAS, DB2 and UCC7<BR><BR><BR>EDUCATION<BR><BR>Academia Commercial Bilingue 06/1971<BR>B.S. Accounting<BR>Texas Institute of Dallas 05/1980<BR>Certification in Programming (Cobol, ALC, RPG)<BR><BR><BR>PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS<BR><BR>Novell Certification, Microsoft Processional Certification, HP Certificate, Clientele, NT SQL, NSD and Ins Lic.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Paul Fleming Guest

    Default RE: Thanks for the translation!

    Thanks for the FREE translation, Alex! I appreciate it.<BR>Yep, Barcelona is one cool city - a great place to be at the<BR>beginning of this new Millenium. I came 5 years ago and wouldn&#039t trade any city for it - Barcelona is magic.<BR><BR>Thanks again for your help.<BR>Paul

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