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    ok i have a month number say 10 and year 2003 then i should display 10/31/2003.if month number 11 and year 2003 then 11/30/ can i go about doing this please help<BR>

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    Default Believe it or not...

    ...even *THIS* is in the VBScript docs!<BR><BR>But since it&#039;s hard to find:<BR><BR>Left panel of this page, click on VBScript Reference (do you have it bookmarked yet??)<BR><BR>Click on FUNCTIONS<BR><BR>Click on DATESERIAL function.<BR><BR> make a long story short:<BR> DateSerial( theYear, theMonth+1, 0 ) <BR>will get it for you.<BR><BR>In other words, "day zero of the next month". Which is the same as the last day of the desired month.<BR><BR>

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