IIS 6.0 and NTmailer 2.0

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Thread: IIS 6.0 and NTmailer 2.0

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    In IIS 5.0 running windows 2000 I didn&#039;t have any problems usint ntmailer 2.0. Ever since we migrated to windows 2003 once the form is submitted I get this erros:<BR><BR>CGI Error<BR><BR>The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.<BR><BR><BR>The form is still submitted but and error is produced. Does anyone know how to fix this and yes I have added the exe extension has a extension in the IIS manager,<BR><BR>Help???

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    I&#039;m not familiar with NTMailer, but IIS6.0 is a little different to previous versions with respect to server-side script and CGI. Can you provide more info on how you&#039;re using ntmailer, and maybe a link to the docs?<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/

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