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    Using SQL 7.0, how do you get a query to result in all records shown. The catch is I still want to be able to narrow my search by using three different fields of city, state and keyword.<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried using a select all approach. Where:<BR>&#060;select name="State"&#062;<BR>&#060;option value="AL,AK,AZ....WA"&#062;ANY&#060;/option&#062;<BR>&#060;option value="AL"&#062;Alabama&#060;/option&#062;<BR>----<BR>&#060;/select&#062;<BR><BR>What resulted is ANY had to equal all the states or none.<BR><BR>Also, I had no problem in narrowing my search by using the fields city, state and keyword but when I want to broaden my search that is where I run into problems.<BR><BR>Please help!!!!<BR><BR>

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    Try setting the value of your &#039ANY&#039 option to "%" - the SQL wildcard.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Like the idea of using the wildcard!!!<BR><BR>However, when I tested it on the SQL Query Analyzer (Select * FROM RS Where State="%"), it resulted in no states selected.<BR><BR>Any other ideas<BR><BR>

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    Thanks for the help!!! I was able to solve it

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